Camac Wooden Electroharp

Electroharp 32

Electric Harp

  • Height: 60" (approximate)
  • Weight: 28 lbs (approximate)
  • Range: 32 strings, A1 - A32
  • Stringing:
    • A1 - D26: Camac nylon
    • C27 - A32: Lever harp bass wires
  • Woods: Maple and Beech
  • Finishes: Ebony
  • Includes: Tripod


This used Camac Wooden Electroharp is in excellent condition with only a few love dings. The tripod is included but no carrying case. We can supply a carrying case for an additional $250 - $550 depending on which case you choose. This harp is a steal at a 36% discount with the tripod off of a new wooden electroharp. Hurry, this excellent harp will not last in stock for long.

Electroharp 32

The electroharps (electric lever harps) are the most famous in the Camac electric harp range. Like its little sister, the Baby Blue 30, the Electroharp 32 has a solid-body construction, without a sound box. This allows the purest possible amplification, without the risk of feedback. The new generation of this model has also profited from the numerous improvements in materials and pickups, making it even more reliable. It offers an infinite range of sonic possibilities, volume, sound processing, and effects.