Camac - Atlantide Prestige

Atlantide Prestige

Concert Grand Harp

  • Height: 73" (186 cm)
  • Weight: 77 lbs (35 kg)
  • Range: strings, G00 (above 1st octave)- C45 (7th octave)
  • Woods: Maple, and Spruce for the soundboard
  • Finish: Mahogany


This beautiful used harp is in like new condition. An excellent find for someone looking for a new harp, this used Atlantide is 25% less than a new one.


The essence of our passion for the harp

Light and easy to play, with clean, pure lines, the Atlantide gives free rein to the joys of musical interpretation and virtuosity. Its spectacular acoustic performance and beautiful appearance have made it a benchmark among professional harps, treasured by numerous artists, conservatoires and renowned international orchestras.