Thormahlen - Celtic Sygnet

Celtic Sygnet

  • Height: 57"
  • Weight: 23 - 28 lbs
  • Range: 36 Strings
    • Low Note: C two octaves below middle C
    • High Note: C three octaves above middle C
  • Includes: Padded carrying case, tuning key & strings


Great sound with some cosmetic scuffs

Soundboard: Veneered solid wood that helps cut overtones and gives your harp a very smooth and uniform look.

T-Braced pillar: Elegant T-Brace that matches the soundbox wood. This not only adds strength to the pillar but creates a beautiful front showpiece to your harp.

NECK: Piano pin block in the center of the harp neck, makes the neck virtually unbreakable.

Name Plate: Comes on every harp to give even more strength to the joint between the pillar and the neck. It is a traditional harp feature.

LEVERS: Thormahlen uses Camac levers as the standard lever on all of their harps. They have the clearest levered tone available. They are easy to regulate using the threaded bridge pins. They are also color coded for ease in flipping levers.

FEET: There is rubber on the bottom of the feet of all our harps, which helps to keep the harp from slipping when playing on an uncarpeted floor