Camac - Baby Blue

The Baby Blue - A Small Electric Harp

  • Height: 42" (108 cm)
  • Weight: 17 lbs (8 kg)
  • Range: 30 strings, F3 - E32
  • Stringing: F3 - D26: Alliance Savarez. C27 - E32: lever harp bass wires
  • Woods: Maple and Beech
  • Finishes: Blue, Natural maple, Ebony, White, Red, Gray; special custom finishes available (price on request)

The Baby Blue 30

The Baby Blue 30 is the most affordable Camac electric harp. Like the Electroharp 36, it
benefits from clean amplification, the possibility of using headphones, a new and even
more reliable construction, and a vast range of sonic possibilities.


Optional Accessories

Harness for electroharpHarness - Additional $295.00

Experience the versitility of Camac's Electroharps by using their harness. It attaches to the harp in two places and straps around your shoulder and waist. There is extra padding along the shoulder and wasit for added comfort.

Electro-Acouustic Option (for amplification) - Additional Ischell box$495.00

This amplifier has a volume control, and a filter for eliminating knocking noises caused by excess low frequencies. It can also function as a DI Box, or Direct Box, which enables you to connect your instrument to a professional sound (PA) system.


Tripod for electroharpTripod - Additional $395.00

When not in use, rest your Camac Electroharp on this tripod with adjustable height.


Composite Flight Case - Additional $1,575.00Flight case

For shipping or long trips, give your electroharp extra protection with this composite flight case.




For color availability please contact Pacific Harps. If the finish of your choice is not in stock we can order it for you.

Hand craftsmanship in France takes up to 16 weeks.