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Blythe, Blythe and Merry Was She

 Fast version  Slow version
audiofile80x80  audiofile80x80 

This one is very short.  I have recorded a slow version so people can practice along more easily as they are learning it, but I plan to take it at the fast speed for the concert.  I am playing open 5th chords, following the chord symbols in these versions.  My plan for this little piece is to play it 4 times: the first time with soundboard tapping instead of the LH notes.  The 2nd time with open 5th LH chords.  The 3rd time splitting the LH chords up into the 2 quarter notes that you see written.  The last time up an octave and any harmonies that people would like to put in, and perhaps down an octave in the LH.

This purchase is for a digital download of the music, with the money being used to pay the arrangers and composers for our use of their music.