Mikel Aster 22

Mikel Aster 22 Lever Harp

  • Height: 33.75" / 86 cm
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs / 6.2 kg
  • Range: 22 Strings - 1st Octave A - 4th Octave A
  • Serial Number: PH22-1

Full lever harp that has been lightly used and is only 3 years old. The Aster 22 combines classical styling with a crisp, mellow tone that is rarely encountered on 22 strings lever harp, a round backed harp where all strings are fitted with reliable semi-tone levers and using a nylon strung note ranging 1 Octave A – 4 Octave A and is sturdily constructed from Ashwood. With the small size and weight the Aster offers increased portability and is an excellent small harp.

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