SOLD - Camac Electroharp 36

Camac Electroharp 36

Electric Harp

  • Height: 60" (153 cm)
  • Weight: 28 lbs (13 kg)
  • Range: 36 strings, A1 - A36
  • Stringing:
    • A1 - D26: Camac nylon
    • C27 - A36: Lever harp bass wires
  • Finish: Ebony high gloss
  • Includes: Padded carry bag and tripod stand


This used Camac Electroharp 36 is 6 years old with great sound, in excellent working order and excellent condition. It belongs to Yanni and toured the east coast of the United States with his show. The levers have oxidized but they work perfectly well. They could be cleaned up with fine sandpaper or a fine file, or repaced for about $800. This is only a cosmetic issue. The harp was stored by Yanni near the ocean where it was humid which caused the oxidization of the levers.

From the manufacturers website: The electroharps (electric lever harps) are the most famous in the Camac electric harp range. It has a solid-body construction, without a sound box. This allows the purest possible amplification, without the risk of feedback. It offers an infinite range of sonic possibilities, volume, sound processing, and effects.


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