Salvi Egan

Salvi Egan in Walnut


  • Height: 62" tall
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Range: 6th A to 1st C (38 Strings))
  • Finish: Walnut
  • Price includes a dust cover and tuning key.


An ideal instrument for the pedal harpist looking to branch out into the world of Celtic music, the Egan features the same string spacing as the pedal harp.

Due to its long string lengths and overall construction, the Egan can produce a big, resonant sound with less effort.

Built in 2007, this harp is in excellent condition and features beautiful fiddleback figuring on its hard maple column, a detail often reserved for harps in natural maple finish. The Egan was discontinued around 2017, so they are growing increasingly difficult to find, especially in this condition.



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