Salvi Electra

Salvi Electra Gold (Serial 1162)

  • Range: 7th C to 00 G (47 Strings)
  • Weight: 88 lbs
  • Height: 74.5” tall
  • Price includes a main cover and tuning key. It was fully restrung in January 2024 and is pending regulation.


Not to be confused with Salvi’s current Electra series of electro-acoustic harps, this “OG” Electra was once the premier model made by Salvi’s luthiers and served as the basis for Salvi’s popular Iris model.  Built in 1975, this Electra features rosewood veneers and a beautifully decorated soundboard with hand-painted burgundy and gold floral motifs. Structurally this harp is in good condition for its age and boasts a warm, clear sound. It was fully restrung in December 2023 and is pending regulation.


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